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Jul. 19th, 2012


status of Possessed by Pleasure....

Yes, I am still working on my multiple chapter fic 'Possessed by Pleasure'. No, I have no updated it in almost two months; for which I feel horrible for. And I know there's no excuse. Real life has just gotten in the way from connecting with my creative juices. I still and hopelessly devoted to the story of Kristopher Donatello and his story of sexual triumph and denial of his feelings for his beautiful manager, the divine Mr. Adam Lambert of Falcon Studios. Please do not think I have given up or that this story is anywhere close to being complete. It has a long way to go.

As I type I am printing up 2012 and 2013 calendars which I will be using to set official future update dates. I am going to be updating three times a month at least. I don't want to make any of the fans of my story wait. I have probably already lost a lot of it's fans due to my procrastination and laziness, which hurts more than you can know. I hate that because of me a lot of people will not finish Kristopher Donatello's story. But lately I have new-found inspiration and drive to complete this story. No matter if I'm writing it or carrying out my daily duties I am constantly thinking of this story and it will continue to haunt me until it is complete and probably long after that.

There is a lot more exciting things to happen in the story. Please stay with it. I appreciate everybody who comments and or reads Possessed by Pleasure. You have built my writing confidence more than you know.

Thank you,

Jordyn Brianne

May. 24th, 2012

BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

Blonde no more!!!!!

Today, I dyed my hair a reddish burgundy color. I've been blonde for four and a half years and I was just tired of it, so I made a drastic change. I'm in love with the color and I think it really makes my eyes pop :)))) 

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May. 4th, 2012

BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

Possessed by Pleasure Celebrity Cast.

The celebrity cast of characters from my multiple chapter Kradam fic: Possessed by Pleasure. It's how I see the characters in my head. I just thought I'd share them with ya'll.

Kris Allen as Kristopher Donatello

Adam Lambert as Adam Lambert

Kellan Lutz as Mitchell

Garrett Hedlund as Cody

James Marsden as James

Jay Qualls as Derrick

Steve Jones as Sammy

Hayden Christensen as Jonathan

Kat Von D as Julia

Armie Hammer as Xander

Tony Oller as Tony

Justin Gaston as Zane

James Franco as Paul

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Luke (the photographer)

and last but not least...

Brent Corrigan as Himself

Let me know what you think of how I see the cast. If you have any choices of your own, anybody who you've been imagining all this time let me know. I'd love to hear them :)

Mar. 23rd, 2012

BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

and may the odds be everrrrr in your favor...

Okay, so I just got back from The Hunger Games midnight premiere. Twas amazeballs!!!!!! I'm a tiny bit disappointed with some parts but over all it was a very good movie and a very good depiction of the novel. I cried three times. And Josh Hutcherson is just so hot/sexy/presh I can't stand it. I'm gunna go see it again tonight around 8:15pm and I can't wait!!!!!

Now I wait for November 2013 for Catching Fire.
Garrett Hedlund better get the part of Finnick Odair or I'm cutting a bitch.

Signing off for now.
Have some presh Josh/Peeta

Mar. 10th, 2012



Oh my god. SO...Im at work and this guy is standing up near my table. His ass, you guys. His ass. It's perfect. I am literally holding myself back physically from sliding on my knees to it and biting it. I swear whenever I see a hot ass on a man a frenzie begins...like I'm a vampire and ass is blood

This is random as hell. I know. But omg you guys...


Okay so I just bought my tickets for the midnight showing of The Hunger Games!!!! :DDD
It comes out in 12 days. Oh my god I am so erigeorigheogFUCKING excited for this movie, like ya'll have no earthly idea how much I can't wait for it. So far, I've read the first book 7 times and Catching Fire (the sequel) 10 times.

Anyway, I am so excited for The Hunger Games. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a movie than this one. Even Harry Potter. Yes. I said it. LOL.

Every time I watch one of the trailers for the movie I start crying. (Mostly at the part when Prim screams "Nooo!". It just breaks my heart.) But the whole of every trailer and TV spot hits a nerve inside me and just makes me so emotional.

Seriously, for any of you who have not read the books, I desperately beg for you to read them. You won't be disappointed. (The third and final book Mockingjay is a little slower than the first two but still damn good.) Anyway, please read them and please go see the movie. You won't regret it.

For ya'll who don't know what the hell I'm talking about "WTF IS THE HUNGER GAMES?!?!!" here's the long trailer for the movie:


Feb. 23rd, 2012

BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

QUEER AS FOLK!!!!!!!!!

Okay so yeah....I've been told for FOREVER to check out Queer as Folk. I've been told "It's right down your alley, Jordyn, you'll love it!!! And there is hottttttt gay secks in it!" and I've always put it off, put it off, put it offffffff.....But I downloaded all the seasons recently....I GOT THROUGH EVERY SINGLE OF THE EIGHTY-SOMETHING EPISODES IN UNDER TWO WEEKS!!!!

That show is amazing....

Like holy shit I'm absolutely in love with it. I've started my second run through of the series and I'm halfway through re-watching it.

OH YEAH...OH YEAH!...BY THE WAY...I ship the hell out of Brian and Mikey! Ever since the first episode where Mikey says "Why am I always Lois Lane?" I was like 4iihwrighwiorhgowhgklsdirogihsdkfhweiutyiwrty359t8roiwhfksdkfjsgifhwoew BRIKEY!!!!!!!!!! They are so presh together and like holy shiteeeeee they're so cute I can't get over it!!! I'm going to start making fanvids of Brian and Mikey! :DDDDD so look forward to those!!!

But omg Brikey <3 ......perfection.


Nov. 22nd, 2011



Okay, so as ya'll know I am a huge-mongeous Harry Potter fan, but I also reallllllllyyyyy love the Twilight series. Always have. I read the first three books before the movies were even thought of, and I attended the Barnes N Noble midnight release party for the Breaking Dawn book years ago. So yeah, I'm a huge Twilight fan and I just got back from seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 the movie!!!

EEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Okay, so it was better than the freaking book! And that's extremely rare than movies are better than their book counterparts!!! It. was. amazing.

Oh yeah and that Taylor Lautner. Holy hotness he's gorgeous. lol! (I have a huge poster of T-laut on my bedroom wall)...I wanna tap him...like. hard.

So I am Team Edward in the books, but Team Jacob in the movies.
I used to be Team Edward hardcore in the books and movies...untilllllllll the New Moon movie came out and I fell under Jacob 'Sexy-Ass' Black's spell.      holymolyguacamolehesfuckinghot

The best part of the entire Twilight series is when Taylor Lautner walks shirtless through the rain in New Moon. I'M. JUST. SAYIN.

Anyhoo, the Breaking Dawn part 1 movie was unbelievably good!!! Best movie of them all so far in my opinion.

I remember reading the book and it being so fluffy and presh and happy and then BAMMMMM it's a completely different story and it's like holyshitthisisnthappeningRN...(if you've read the book or seen the movie you understand where I'm coming from). But I'm not gunna ruin the story line or anything for ya'll in case you haven't seen it yet, I just wanted to say the movie was phenom.

Also, I ship Jakeward. Jacob/Edward like hardcore. Lmao. I so wanted Jacob to imprint on Edward haha! I've read a bunch of Jakeward imprinting fic and it's good times. And hot times. Like reallllyyyyyyy hot times. Haha! Also Jacob is totally a bottom. I'm just sayin', bahaha!

A lot of people don't think Taylor Lautner does his character Jacob Black justice, but I think he plays it great. At first when he was cast I was like RUfuckingsrsRN?! But then BAMMMM New Moon happened and lemme tell you what, ya'll....Shark Boy grew up! And I APPROVE! Immensely!

.....Okay I just realized this post is more of a Taylor Lautner hotness flail than a Breaking Dawn Part 1 review so I'm gunna go now. And by 'go' I mean re-watch the tent scene in Eclipse and wish Jacob and Edward would randomly jump each other's bones.

Ta-ta-for now!

Oct. 30th, 2011




OMG...In case yal don't know I am a hugemongeous David Cook fan, like holy shit, love him so damn much you have no idea. Ever since he sang Hello on idol he has had my heart. SO ANYHOO...
Let me start from the beginning...so I have a VIP so I got to meet David before the show. I made a COMPLETE ass outta myself at the first meet and greet. Let me tell you what exactly went down.

Me: "Hi, I'm Jordyn." *holds out hand*

*David shakes my hand* "Hi, Jordyn, I'm David"


Me: "I know your name" *laughs*


David: "Oh, well you know...Come on in" *gestures me next to him for the picture*

Me: *shows him my wrist* "Um, I gave you a bracelet when you came for the idol tour, it's a Jori Zemel special causes bracelet."

David: "Oh yeahhh..."

Me: "Do you remember that?"

David: ", yeah-yeah-yeah."

Me: "And I made you a portfolio and stuff..."

David: "Ohhh alright. Come on in." *motions for me to get into the pic again*

*photographer takes picture*

Photographer: "Beautiful"

Me: "Beautiful? Really?" *turns to David* "Does that mean I'm beautiful?"

David: "I guess that's what he's implying."

Me: *laughs* "No, that means that I want you to call me beautiful."

David: "I'm sorry, of course you are."

Me: "Can I have a hug?"

David: "Absolutely. I'm sorry."


David: "Thank ya, darlin'"

Me: "Bye."

David: "Bye"

rtkghjerkghworighwoirghworihgworihgowirhgwihrgiowrhgowhr lmao. okay it wasn't that bad haha. But it seemed horrible at the time. And I felt like an idiot cuz it was so rushed that I completely ignored the band and I thought about it later and I'm sitting on the sidelines watching other ppl talk to and get pics with him and after all 95 ppl went David and the rest of the band was just hanging around so I went up to Andy, (the guitarist, who was also the lead singer of MWK, one of David's pre-idol bands) and I told him that Anodyne is one of my favorite songs and he was like so greatful and was all "Thank you, thank you so much."  and then later I went up to David again and asked him to sign my lanyard and take another picture with me, this time using my own camera and I held it up and David was all "Where are we looking?" and looked the opposite way and I was like "Over here"and David turned around and saw me holding my own camera and David laughed and goes "Oh, myspace style cool."

and I got this...


and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn we all wait around, me, my mom, my new friend Chelsey and her mom, we wait around the venue until it starts. And I go up to by some merchandise and bought a gorgeous David Cook hoodie and shirt and poster and I got two meet and greet passes for after the concert. I only needed one and so I gave one to an adorable little boy that had cancer who was a huge David Cook fan. The smile on the kids face was priceless. :,)

And the concert was freaking phenomenal!! a great band called Carolina Liar went first, then Gavin Degraw (WHO DESTROYED THE DAMN STAGE! HOLY SHIT HE WAS PHENOMMMM!!! I'D NEVER SEEN HIM LIVE BEFORE! HOLY SHIT HE WAS......GREAT.....LIKE OMG.....SO FUCKING GOOD! I'm now obsesseddddd with his song 'Sweeter' off his new album!...when he performed that song he rubbed his chest and made orgasm faces...it was hot as helllll)...anyway...lmao. then David closed the show and rocked the shit out of it as always!!!

Then comes time for the after the show meet and greet. The show ended at about midnight so it was late as hellll and me and my friend Chelsey were almost in the front of the line for the after the show meet and greet. And the meet and greet was with David and Gavin!!!

Here is what happened...TWAS EPIC hahaha seriously...Gavin was drunk off his ass and was trying to flirt with me haha it was hilarious...

Me: *steps forward* "Hey!"

David: "Hey, how are you?" (he obv remembered me from earlier) *signs my ticket*

Me: "I'm good! The show was great!" *turn to Gavin*

Gavin: *holds out hand* "Hello, beautiful, what's your name?"

Me: *shakes his hand* "Jordyn."

Gavin: "I'm Gavin. I'm a big fan."

Me: *laughs* "Of mine?!"

Gavin: "Yep! I love all your books!"

David: *laughs his ass off*

Me: "Really, now? That's crazy cuz I'm actually a writer!"

Gavin: "Yep, I could tell."

Me: "Wow, you're good!"

Gavin: "You know how I could tell?" *puts beer cup in his mouth to free his hands so he could sign my ticket*

Me: "How?"

Gavin: "You're pointer finger."

(LMAO WHAT?!?! HE WAS SO DRUNK HAHAHA! Like seriously I could smell the alcohol all over him haha and he was slurring all his words and calling everyone "baby" hahah!)

Me: "My pointer finger? Wow you're good! I actually got into writing again because of this guy" *points at David*

David: "Aww, thank you."

*gets in between David and Gavin for the pic, David has his hand on my upper back and Gavin has his arm around my waist*
And the hot ass guitarist from Carolina Liar that I had been lusting over during their whole set was walking by the meet and greet*
David pulls the hot guitarist over and calls him by his name, that I regretfully don't remember.

David: "Get in here, man."

So the hot guy gets into the pic and we take the pic and its freaking GORGEOUS!!! It couldn't have looked better IMO!

and thennnn....I turned to David again and hugged him again.

Me: *pulls back from hug* "You really are a huge inspiration to me, thank you."

David: "Aww, you're very welcome."

Me: "Turns to Gavin to hug him."

Not the best pic haha but as you can see he was totally out of it hahah...

Me: *pulls back from the hug with Gavin*

Gavin: "I'm gunna miss you."

Me: "I'm gunna miss you too!" *turns to both David and Gavin* "Bye ya'll"

David  & Gavin: *smiles* "Bye"


This was one of the most epic days of my freaking lifeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 29, 2011!!!

Sep. 26th, 2011

BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

New Top 10 Hottest Men video!!

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BRIKEY. credit goes to BM-shipper

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